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Arkansas Foundation Warranty, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Home Warranty Plan in Springdale, AR

Did you know that home owners insurance and home warranties do NOT cover soil movement or the costs associated with foundation repair?



It is almost unthinkable to place a new roof on your home from a hail storm or wind damage without having homeowner's insurance. Foundation repairs are, on the average, significantly more expensive than replacing your roof! Why leave yourself unprotected from this commonly and costly hazard?




A foundation issue can devastate your savings or put you into debt taking months, if not years, to recoup your losses. Left alone, a foundation problem will devalue your most important investment by as much as $25,000 or more and it may be almost impossible to sell your home. Arkansas law requires that you must disclose any known defects in the foundation which will cause more concern to an appraiser or potential buyer.



Contact us today about obtaining a FOUNDATION WARRANTY to protect you, your family and your lifetime investment!

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